Case Studies

Case studies are particularly useful in depicting a complete portrayal of a client’s experiences and results regarding a project that the performer is wanting to keep archived for future research and proof that experiences were a success or a failure. We at Extreme Technologys are pleased to present this list of studies that are kept for us to look back on and remember the headaches, achievements, and success that we strive for on an everyday basis. This page is specifically for providing information on projects that where completed by us. We have provided a case study for each and are pleased to publish it for you so that everyone can stay up to date. This list will grow over time so come back and check it out as often as you can.

Commercial Case Studies

1. Georgia Tech Nanotechnology Building Shoring Project was completed on time and well under budget. The situation with this project is that shoring of these walls were not accounted for during bidding and wasnt realized until it was needed. So we developed this temporary system that was a combination of 50 ft deep Titan Bar soil nails and a facing that was Geobrugg’s Tecco mesh. This wall was designed and engineered in house. This system was buried after completion of the building but will be there forever.

Residential Case Studies

1. Stonepark Of Dunwoody was a very unique project for the structure was built over a deep ravine that was back-filled with a large mass of trees within the soils. There were previous attempts to try and repair this structure with no success. We designed a small drilling apparatus that would actually drill through the trees so that we could access bedrock for our steel underpinning system to finally have an end bearring on a strata capable of supporting the load of the structure.